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Upstate Special Needs Consulting Presents:


connecting young adults with disabilities in real time. in the community. 


what is the intent?

what are our goals?

when does the social exchange meet?

who typically attends the social exchange?

what is the format?

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Our intent is to create safe places for organic connections to happen among young adults with disabilities 

Our goal is to have young adults with disabilities find friends, roommates and everything in between. We also encourage parents meeting other parents whether to hang out socially or compare notes. 

We typically meet on the first Tuesday of every other month (except for holidays or special events.) We take summers off. Dates for events are updated monthly as well you can see our future meetups below. We ask you to RSVP in advance. You can RSVP until noon the day of.  In the event of cancellation, you will be notified via email.

Everyone is welcome. Individuals range in age, ability and frequency in which they attend. Average group size is 15-20 people. Sometimes smaller. Sometimes larger. Parents/caregivers and young adults are welcome.  Some individuals come with their guardian or support staff, others come on their own.  

Due to Covid, location is subject to change. Changes will be posted on our facebook page. In person events are casual. Indivdiauls can come and go as they please. At the end of each session, participants will have the opportunity to share their own meet-ups and exchange contact information if they desire. 


privacy and rules

It is the responsibility of group members to connect with one another at meetups. The Upstate Special Needs team will never give out personal contact information to other members. Participation is at the discretion of the organizers. Should any individual risk safety of the group, individual will be asked to leave.

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Nicole VanGorder Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Upstate Special Needs Planning & Upstate Special Needs Consulting

calendar of meetups

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Location and Dates subject to change; RSVP for the month are set out the first week of the month for each session

Aug 2nd 2022 530-7PM IN PERSON at Pizza Favo
Oct 4th 2022  530-7PM at Pizza Favo 
(Nov-March : we will be taking a small break!)
April 4th 2022 530-7PM at TBD
June 6th 2023 530-7PM at TBD

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Connecting our community. Fostering friendships. Empowering individuals with disabilities

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Post your own meet-up on our Facebook page! 
Remember to add:

Who: attends? How many people do you want?
What: will the activity be?
What: is the cost if any?
What should attendees wear?
Anything special someone should know?

Never post your cell phone or personal information. Always leave an email as contact.


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